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Some 10 years into my bloggery at "Roll dice and kick ass!" my need for new material to enliven my writing prompted me finally to start a 2nd blogstream (which seemed quite presumptious given my travails keeping the 1st live!). New editorial view notwithstanding, the new blog was to have all the snap, crackle and pop of RD/KA!, as its name and tagline would suggest. 

Politics and current affairs. 

Shattering the long unease prevailing after the end of the Cold War, the financial crash of 2008 put the neo-liberal 'permanent revolution' on notice, in repsonse to which the 1%'s insatiable appetites grow ever more blatantly rapine. As tired old parties play musical chairs with the franchise the people cry out for new political representation, a role still all too poorly played by too many of the old left groups. 

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